1. No refunds under any circumstances.
  2. Unused passes has no monetary value and cannot be credited to future years or events.

Image & Likeness

Event Participants grant Nairobi Kizomba Sensação, its parent company and affiliates the right, but not the obligation, to photograph and film you and use your name, likeness, voice and other sound effects in the production, exhibition, distribution, promotion, publicity and advertising of this event in any and all media now known or hereafter devised throughout the world in perpetuity.


Each participant understands that participating in the event is voluntary and may involve certain risks of physical injury, damage to property, and other damages or losses that may be sustained by a participant. Each participant assumes all risk of damages, property loss, and personal injury, which may occur by participating in the event.


NKS reserves the right to makes changes to the Terms at any time.

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